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Corporate success through climate protection

Investments made today in buildings and industrial plants characterise the energy system of the future. More and more companies are turning to renewable energies and converting their operations. This always depends on a well thought-out holistic energy concept, because energy consumption represents a considerable cost factor in commercial enterprises. The company's own photovoltaic system represents an additional

source of income. Existing roof and open spaces are already available for the installation of a photovoltaic system. By combining this with intelligent storage systems and dedicated electric charging infrastructure, the company benefits even more. Switching to green electricity goes hand in hand with an image boost for your brand. Ring in the energy transition in your company now and start your next climate protection project with us.


Competent advice & implementation of your energy projects

We advise you on marketing strategies (e.g. PPA) and offer holistic energy concepts including storage solutions and charging infrastructure. The expertise of more than 10 years of industry experience flows into the preparation of individual proposals.

Our project managers accompany you through every step of the project, from the preparation of the installation documents to the commissioning of the plant.

As general contractor or general coordinating contractor, we ensure turnkey project realisation so that you can concentrate on your core business.

In addition, we offer competent support with financing, help with selecting the right insurance products and documenting your installation in accordance with technical standards. Your project manager ensures quality and adherence to schedules at every stage of the project, because we want your investment to pay off, right from the start.

We reconcile entrepreneurial success with energy efficiency and climate protection for you!


Four good reasons to invest in your own photovoltaic system now:

The sun does not send a bill

As a commercial enterprise, you are predestined for a high proportion of in-house consumption – because it is precisely during your daily operations that your on-site photovoltaic system also produces cost-effective and clean electricity. Intelligent storage systems enable you to balance out expensive peak loads and make the self-produced electricity available day and night.

Independence from electricity market prices

With your own electricity production on the roof and in-house consumption in your company, you can secure permanently low electricity prices and become independent of rising energy prices. PV systems are also characterised by a service life of 25 years or more, are low-maintenance and thus particularly economical.

Image gain through climate protection

Solar power does not cause any noise, odour or pollutant emissions. Reduce the carbon footprint of your products – the environmentally conscious image goes down well with your customers! By opting for sustainable, clean power generation, you protect your finances and the environment.

Low capital expenditure

Not only the cost degression of the system prices, but also the ongoing low interest rate policy make the investment in a photovoltaic system particularly attractive. In some cases, subsidies can be applied for the acquisition of PV systems with storage.

Your point of contact

You have questions?

I will be happy to advise you!

Thomas Schiessl

E-Mail: vertrieb@maxsolar.de

What our customers say

"A rooftop photovoltaic system with a total output of 200kWp was installed to cover the company's own needs. The 6 charging points installed for electric vehicles in the company car park are also fed with self-produced electricity.

When selecting the companies to carry out the work, preference was given to tradespeople from the region in order to promote local value creation.

A best practice of successful interface coordination on the part of MaxSolar."



— Julian Kasprowicz
Managing Director Bäckerei und Konditorei Kasprowicz GmbH

"We have already realised several roof system projects with MaxSolar as general contractor. We particularly value the personal contact in all project phases.

That's why it was easy for us to decide to entrust the technical management of the facility to a trusted partner."



— Josef Schneider
Managing Director Josef Schneider GmbH

Articles on the subject of trade & industry


In addition to individual training opportunities, maxsolar regularly enables its employees to visit relevant trade fairs. "In the rapidly developing industry, it is particularly important that employees keep their finger on the pulse and quickly implement market innovations in the company," says Managing Director Christoph Strasser.


F4S and IBESA, known as the world's largest hub for the solar and energy storage industry, conducted exclusive short interviews with experts as part of the trade fair presence at intersolar. Talking for MaxSolar: Thomas Schiessl (on the left in the picture).


Electromobility on record course. The topic of electromobility is on everyone's lips. This is highlighted by the lively attendance at the 2nd Electromobility Day.


The smarter E Europe, the innovation platform for the new energy world, was originally planned for July 2021. Due to the Corona pandemic, it now took place for the first time as "The smarter E Europe Restart" in a more compact form.


Recently, a delicate step was carried out in the project plan for the construction of the PV power plant at the Bachmeier bakery: the smooth connection of the entire plant to the newly constructed medium-voltage grid.


The current programme of the critical and satirical weekly magazine Quer devoted a feature to the question: How many solar modules can Bavarians cope with? They clarify: "There is a broad consensus in politics and among the population about the necessity of the energy transition.


Well packaged, this charging station is waiting to be commissioned.


In the script for the new corporate group's image film as of July 22nd - a sequence at the two MaxSolar GmbH locations in Traunstein.


For the first time, the Austrian Photovoltaic Association was able to hold a live event.


Solar parks can do more than just produce sustainable energy. The often very large areas for solar farms can represent an important habitat for threatened animal and plant species.


Another project for EGIS eG has officially gone into operation in Neuötting.


The third project in a successful partnership with the Vogelsberg eG energy cooperative goes online this month in Ulrichstein (Hesse).


Solar parks can do more than just produce sustainable energy. The often very large areas for solar farms can represent an important habitat for threatened animal and plant species.


Energy transition thanks to PPA. This is the title of the lecture that Philipp Ruf (Project Development Open Space Germany) will give as part of the 36th PV Symposium.


Auf dem Gelände einer ehemaligen Kiesgrube produzieren nun rund 5000 Photovoltaikmodule grünen Strom.


The construction of Austria's largest PV ground-mounted plant for Wien Energie marked the company's market entry in 2020. Now we are further expanding our activities in our neighbouring country. We are now a member of Austria's photovoltaic association. It represents the interests of members from the PV and storage industry.


(JF4S) is a global coalition of solar players, ranging from multinational companies to industry associations to local installers, engaged in the mission to expand the deployment of solar technologies at global, regional and local levels and to establish a clean energy industry.


Maxsolar now has almost 80 employeein Traunstein, Munich and Hamburg.


We erected what is currently Austria's largest photovoltaic plant on a former ballast landfill in Donaustadt on behalf of Wien Energie.


We receive numerous gifts from our business partners throughout the year as thanks for the good cooperation.


In 2020, maxsolar was able to design four communal solar energy plants for the project developer WWS Projektbau in Markt Erlbach


We realised another ground-mounted project for our long-standing client SEAC Group.


27 hybrid photovoltaic power plants with battery storage were successful in the innovation tenders in September. Operators benefit

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Honeycamp - the first co-crafting community in Germany. Over 50 companies and more than 300 artists and crafters find space in diverse business forms at Honeycamp www.honeycamp.de and can make a valuable contribution to a sustainable future. The green roof substructure installed is the basis for the natural water cycle, promotes biodiversity, ensures a more pleasant building climate, binds dust and pollutants and also produces electricity with the modules installed by maxsolar.

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