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A strong team for climate change

As general contractor or general coordinating contractor, we develop holistic energy concepts for municipalities and companies. The integration of photovoltaic systems on roofs or in open spaces enables sustainable regional value creation and decentralised supply. The locally anchored communal energy projects contribute a great deal to the understanding and acceptance of the energy transition and the further expansion of renewable energies among the population. Founded in 2009, we now employ almost 120 people

at four locations. In Traunstein (headquarters), Grabenstätt, Munich and Hamburg.The company is not only a planner and installer, but also an investor and operator of large-scale photovoltaic systems. Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity today. We are actively addressing this great challenge with our daily work. Investments made today in buildings and industrial plants will characterise energy systems in 2050.


The maxsolar management team

Christoph Strasser

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Christoph Strasser has been working in the field of renewable energies with a focus on photovoltaics since 2008. As a sales manager (FH), he worked as sales manager for MaxSolar GmbH in Traunstein from 2014. With his appointment as authorised signatory at the beginning of 2017, further focal points were added, such as the management of all operating companies, the refinancing of project developments, as well as his main areas of activity, above all in sales and earnings responsibility. Since his appointment as Managing Director in 2018, he has fully represented MaxSolar in cooperation with the authorised signatories.


David Butz

Chief Operating Officer (COO), authorised signatory

David Butz (née Bischoff) joined MaxSolar at the beginning of 2022. As a member of the management team, he is responsible for project management and purchasing/logistics. He is an industrial engineer with international experience.
"As a member of the management board, I am looking forward to actively shaping the growth course we have embarked on and to supporting our customers in the energy transformation together with my highly motivated and competent team. To this end, we must continue to position ourselves excellently operationally, use our existing competences and increase our capacities."


Elke Hanel

Chief Development Officer (CDO), authorised signatory
Elke Hanel has been a member of the management team at MaxSolar since February 2022 and is responsible for project development as well as operations management and service. She has many years of management experience in the national and international project business for renewable energies. After completing her engineering studies in technical environmental protection, she held responsible positions in plant construction in Germany and abroad for several years.
"My passion is the energy transition and especially photovoltaics and wind energy. It is a personal concern of mine to bring together the different players in order to be successful together."

Claudia Huber

Head of Finance

Claudia Huber joined MaxSolar in 2020 and has been a member of the Executive Board since then in her role as Head of Finance. She brings with her many years of management experience - including international experience - from various industries.
"I enjoy working on the expansion of renewable energies in a competent and committed team at MaxSolar.

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