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Partnership SEAC

February 8th 2023

Citizen solar park Bundorf

June 1st 2022

Green light for germany´s largest citizen solarpark

May 9th 2022

Reckertshausen: Christian Mayr interviewed about solar storage projects

April 19th 2022

Press Release NIC Maxsolar closing

April 05th 2022

Elke Hanel strengthens management

March 10th 2022

Acquisition by NIC and Greenvolt

March 3rd 2022

Theinfeld goes into operation

February 24th 2022

Innovation Tender: Reckertshausen

February 11th 2022

Reckertshausen: PPAs signed

January 12th 2022

Position paper THG quotas

January 10th 2022

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