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Largest charging park in the district

10 AC and 2 DC charging points open to the public

About the project:
On 22 October 2020, the largest charging park for e-cars in Traunstein was officially put into operation. Numerous representatives from politics and business attended the press event. First and foremost, Dr Bärbel Kofler, Member of the Bundestag. The charging park is located on the maxsolar premises in Wolkersdorf (Schmidhamer Str. 22), who built the park with its charging infrastructure division "esolution by maxsolar" for the communal energy cooperative InnSalzach eG. The ten AC and two DC charging points are open to the public. Refuelling and payment is made using an RFID chip card or one of the popular service apps. The location and availability of the charging points is shown to drivers on the smartphone display. The charging stations are operated with electricity from renewable energies.

The switch to e-mobility is one of the pillars of the energy transition. In order to convince the populace of the suitability of e-cars for everyday use, it is above all necessary to have a charging infrastructure that is as comprehensive as possible. The federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure supports electromobility with extensive funding. The aim is to make the transport sector more energy-efficient, climate-friendly and environmentally friendly. For this to happen, electromobility must be established competitively on the market. In addition to extensive funding for public charging infrastructure, grants (up to 900 euros) for the installation of a charging station for electric cars in the non-publicly accessible area of residential buildings can also be applied for from federal funds as of 24th November. Prerequisite: The charging station must be operated with green electricity.

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