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GEO Nature Day at MaxSolar

Solar farms' increased biodiversity

As a member of the German Renewable Energy Federation (bee), we will be opening the solar park in Ering on the 12th and 13th June for a species count by a team of biologists as part of the GEO Nature Day. For more information on the #lebensraumsolarpark [solar park habitat] event, see "GEO Nature Day". Solar parks can do more than just produce sustainable energy. The often very large areas for solar farms can represent an important habitat for threatened animal and plant species. The fact that the symbiosis of solar energy and nature conservation works to promote biodiversity is shown by the study "Solar Parks - Profits for Biodiversity" published in 2019 by the bne [German Association of Energy Market Innovators]. Taking into account good, sustainable planning, extensive management adapted to the site and long-term monitoring, e.g. by the nature conservation authorities, stable populations of animals and plants can develop and repopulate or re-colonise the landscape. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to implementing the ecological quality standards of good planning practice from the bne [German Association of Energy Market Innovators] in all our planning processes, which also go beyond the minimum legal and planning law requirements.

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