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Energy Partners -
Green Power without own investment

Energy Partners - Your green power without own investment


We are your partner for inexpensive, decentrally produced electricity. With our on-site PPAs, you not only save energy costs but also significantly reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Long-term favorable electricity prices without investment costs

Savings from the first day:

Due to the elimination of grid fees, distribution costs and, where applicable, electricity tax

a very attractive price for green energy.


No own personnel capacities necessary:

With our specialists, we take care of the entire planning, financing, implementation

and further optimisation during the operation of the plant.


Flexible energy solution:

Additional technologies can be added. If you wish, we can also install charging

and battery storage can be installed for further cost savings.


Maximum availability:

By means of integrated digital solutions, the system is continuously monitored and

and preventive maintenance is carried out.


Green energy for all:

With solutions that can be implemented decentrally, we enable structurally weak regions to

the energy turnaround and enable them to be among the pioneering regions in Germany.


Experienced partner on site:

As an expert, we take on the planning, financing and amortisation risks when investing in solar energy

in solar energy, charging infrastructure and battery storage systems. Through the flexible combination of these

technical pillars and integrated digital solutions, we can adapt our energy solutions individually to your

your needs.


No financial risk:

Many companies are reluctant to switch to renewable energy due to the complexity and high investment and operating costs involved,

to switch to renewable energy. We build the plant at 100% of our own cost and sell the electricity at a defined price directly to the customer.

electricity directly to them at a defined price. This gives them long-term price security for green energy.

for green energy.


Guaranteed returns

Even after the installation of the system, we take care of the technical and commercial management of the PV system and assume all costs for maintenance and monitoring of the PV system. We also contractually guarantee you a fixed yield over the entire term. If the plant produces less electricity than promised, we will reimburse you for the difference.

Enormous savings potential

With a PV power plant directly behind the consumer's metering point, you save money. With our solution, levies such as grid charges for the electricity produced by the installed plant can be eliminated or reduced, since the electricity does not flow to the consumer via the public grid. The long-term power supply agreements (PPAs) ensure favorable power purchase prices.


More independence

Through our expertise, we try to constantly optimize your energy system and uncover further savings potential. With a storage system you acquire a piece of security as well as independence. You no longer have to worry about rising electricity prices. Storage systems can smooth peak loads and increase self-consumption.


Additional revenue sources

You can also supply your climate-neutral PV electricity to third parties via retrofittable charging stations. As a certified charge point operator, we also offer you our support in this area and take over the installation and operation of the charging stations. Your customers, employees and even third parties can now charge their electric cars at your site.


Would you like to become a MaxSolar Energy Partner?

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Key Account Management

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