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Photovoltaics consultation

Personal photovoltaic advice right from the start

We can offer you comprehensive services as early as the initialisation phase. Expertise from more than 10 years of photovoltaic projects on roofs and open spaces flows into the preparation of individual proposals. We advise you on marketing strategies (e.g. PPA) and offer holistic energy concepts including storage solutions and charging infrastructure. More and more companies are turning to renewable energies and converting their operations, because energy consumption represents a significant cost factor in commercial enterprises.

The energy production costs for converting solar energy into electricity or heat continue to fall, especially due to optimised efficiencies and economies of scale through mass production. Despite falling EEG compensation, the first large PV systems are showing that they can generate green electricity economically and cost-effectively even without government subsidies in Germany. We are pioneers in the market testing of subsidy-free plants in which the electricity produced is marketed by means of a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) – Reference PPA. For the year 2040, electricity production costs of 2 to 7 €ct per kilowatt hour, i.e. below the costs for electricity from wind and fossil gas, can be assumed (source: Fraunhofer Institute ISE). The so-called peaks or load peaks for industrial and commercial electricity consumers are not only particularly relevant for grid stability, but also for electricity costs. A holistic storage system regulates these load peaks by means of peak shaving. The installation of charging infrastructure for the company's electric cars also promotes the company's sustainability image.


Feasibility studies as a basis for decision-making

In the case of special project requirements, personal contact persons weigh up commercial aspects, planning and contractual risks within the framework of a feasibility study thus providing a basis for decision-making through the feasibility and economic viability of the planned project. A reliable yield forecast is essential as early as the planning stage of a photovoltaic system in order to be able to correctly dimension and technically equip the system. What matters here is a thoroughly thought-out concept.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we work with you to determine the local conditions and project-specific features of the PV project being planned in order to create the ideal conditions for an individual conceptual design. With the help of professional software, an initial layout plan including a yield forecast is then drawn up. Numerous factors are taken into account. In addition to the annual cycle of solar radiation based on climate and weather data from the DWD [German meteorological service], the annual yield of a PV power plant is influenced by the roof pitch and shading, the geographical location, construction type and installation angle of the modules, as well as the technical properties of the individual components such as the inverters and modules installed. We not only advise on the yield-optimised size of the PV system, but also present you with the resultant refinancing in accordance with the current legal framework conditions. Against this background, you will receive an individual solution from us with the optimised yield for your roof or open space, if desired together with a corresponding storage and charging infrastructure solution.

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