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Aicherpark Freilassing

Place: 83395 Freilassing
Performance: 200 kWp
Completion: April 2016

MaxSolar GmbH | Sustainable energy production on refugee accommodation

More about the project: Formerly a furniture shop, then a clothing shop, today refugee accommodation and a production site for renewable energy. The Aicherpark in Freilassing is subject to changing times, with the region's sustainable power supply also playing an important role. We are pleased that a rooftop photovoltaic system with an output of just under 200 kWh was able to go into operation there in the Berchtesgadener Land district, despite obstacles in the planning. Initially, the system was designed for 280 kWp, but static problems only allowed a maximum allocation of 215 kWh. In addition, new fire protection regulations for the building were introduced during the project planning stage resulting in the output of the PV system having to be reduced to 197 kWh. Nevertheless, this is no small plant and in any case an important and exemplary step on the right path to energy transition and sustainability!

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