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1st Cooperative PPA

Project planned and handed over to egis ready for use: The solar park in Unterdietfurt produces solar power for the 1st cooperative PPA between Energiegenossenschaft InnSalzach eG and Elektrizitätswerke Schönau.

The solar park was connected to the grid in October 2019. A contractually agreed marketing price applies to the power purchase agreement up to the end of 2024, which was secured in cooperation with EWS. The project was developed and handed over turnkey for EGIS eG by the engineering service provider MaxSolar GmbH. "We are very pleased that we were able to accompany the first cooperative project of this kind with the electricity supply contract between EGIS and EWS and bring it to market in accordance with the plans," says Managing Director Christoph Strasser. MaxSolar is one of the few pioneers in the market testing of Power Purchase Agreements in Germany. The engineering service provider has already realised the second plant with a power purchase agreement. PPAs are an option for the continued operation of existing plants and are becoming increasingly important for new project developers who want to operate on the market independently of funding mechanisms. Important in practice: Standardised contracts, market understanding and forward planning keep project costs competitive. The PPA contracting parties are characterised by awareness of environmental and social responsibility as well as long-term planning horizons in generation.

MaxSolar is pioneering the market testing of PPAs in the post-EEG era.

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